Set it off. #Diplo

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Not the most complex booze-bomb, but it sure is tasty.

Nose: alcohol, raisins, malt

Taste: dark fruit, Turkish figs, raisins, dark Belgian abbey malt, little to no alcohol bite

Verdict: drink it again, save the other 3 in the cellar

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“Huntsman Vineyard Wilde”, the newest addition to this Summers Peyton Heritage Collection.

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Keep on walkin’…

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Copper Fox Rye Whiskey by Wasmund’s

2/3 rye, 1/3 malted barley smoke-dried over applewood and cherrywood smoke and aged in used bourbon barrels. Sound interesting enough for you? It should be. Complex, artisan rye whiskey. If you see it — grab it. $38

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"Can we come to your tailgate?"

Why yes. Yes, you can. 

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Ferra Dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Seersucker, ruffles, pockets… √ $218

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Can’t wait for this track to go live.
"Get Free" featuring Amber Coffman 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

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Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

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The Buffy Bag by Social Primer for W. Durable Goods

A durable goods for the lady that feels at home by the shore. K Cooper Ray has joined up with W. Durable Goods for his latest collaboration. It’s another winner. Feel free to add your own touch with a monogram. $295

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Welt Check and Mogador Tonal Stripe Bow Tie by Social Primer for Brooks Brothers

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The Millie Custom Sun Hat by Emma Graham Designs

Emma Graham Design’s Spring ‘12 collection is available now and new to the collection is the option to design your own dresses, skirts, and hats. Check out the Millie sun hat. Great for game day, the derby, or just dressing to impress. $65

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